Dave Foege

It has always been the case on Vashon that it is OK to visit a friend/neighbor unannounced on Sunday, after the hour of noon - old hipster Jim Wynell taught us this.

Walked over to Dave's property yesterday Sunday 10 June 2007 to see if anyone was around - no one. Took our 8 year old son Palmer (Max's good pal since day one) with - down the path that Dave loved so much - a trail that I have trod many times with Dave and his friends & family. The Sun was out - crystal blue sky with white puffy clouds dancing over the valley driven by the onshore flow from the great Pacific - down to the place that is quiet, and so beautiful. Dave loved this place. One could feel his presence.

Have not been able to get in contact with Jennifer and Olyana - think about them every day - hope all is well. Max and his mother Jessica are also in my thoughts - and everyone that loved Dave.

Dave came up to my old air stream trailer on a Sunday when he was 24 years old, with a real estate agent interested in buying the Johnson property. Surprised to see anyone (it was very quiet down here 20 years ago) told the agent to keep his boca cerrada and let me take care of the deal. We all walked the same path as above and down to the famous Moon Lodge - Dave was hooked. Told the salesman, there would be no commission required. We laughed.

An so it was that Dave found his sanctuary. He loved this land so much.

David Foege was a great spirit and a wonderful human character. I always looked forward to spending time with, and growing old, with my friend Dave and his family.

This site is dedicated to Max and Olyana Foege.