Photo by Lyman Burk L2R Max Jessica Dave Foege Garnet & Palmer Burk

Date: Monday, July 23, 2007 7:52 PM David William Foege -- once the great love of my life, how we burned down that house...our pain searing and return to civility, too much damage done.

You and I, we loved so hard. You were the brightest and darkest person i ever knew, and I knew a few... you made me fight, tempered me, taught me that I was immeasurably stronger than before, before you.

We gloried in our boy, our love for him deep and passionate -- you leave now and I will raise him well -- remind him of all that was noble and good about you, and try hard to hold tight to the knowledge of that other side, capable of what only you and I, and now only I know... you broke our hearts, too many times, and in that grief lies your burn bright still in many. We loved what we saw and could not fathom the vacuum that pulled you away... -- Jessica Morell, Max's mama