From: Kelly, John [] Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 8:13 PM To: Lyman Burk Subject: RE: Dave Foege

Here’s some I scanned tonight. This is from March 1987 when we went down to Mardi Gras on a whim and slept in my VW van in a public parking lot. Since we both were History majors, we had to hit the art museums….. :)

I will have more and send more when I get through more pics and dig through them. I know if I were his son I would want all the photos I could find of my Dad.

Thanks John

Feel free to post these pictures and I will try and find more.

Dave and I met as we were both Russian History majors at UNC-Greensboro. We both enjoyed music and I got him a job at Kinkos the copy store. We’d pull the midnight shift to get the study materials copied for the professors. We had a blast and he’d also encourage me to bring a bottle in and crank the music up while we worked. I remember he used to go behind the flower shop and get the flowers out of the dumpster and arrange a handful for the girl/girls he was dating at the time. They always thought he was going out and buying fresh flowers, but he was just going around back and getting what he could find. :)

He and I didn’t have much money, so it was the best he could do. Plus it scored him major points.

When we worked at Kinko’s we would catch bands together or do some trips. On a spur we went to Mardi Gras in my 69 VW bus. Slept in a parking lot and stayed the 3 or 4 days and had a blast. When he left GSO he went to Pebble Beach area and studied Russian. A friend of mine and I went across the country and called on Dave to join us for some Berkeley Dead shows, which he did. I’ll try and find some pictures.

Please do share any information you have with me, I’m really grasping for information and have been in an emotional funk since I found out. Just tears me apart and pisses me off that I didn’t do a better job in keeping in touch.

Thanks for getting back to me. John